Spring Valley Lake Veterans Club

Our Story

Our Mission

The SVL Veterans Club is dedicated to providing military veterans an opportunity to interact with fellow veterans to maintain a good social quality of life. Through social and educational events, the mission of our club is ensure those who served our country pursue healthy and purposeful lives even after their service. Recognizing the many challenges veterans face after they leave the military, the SVL Veterans Club endeavors to walk with our warriors as they navigate unemployment, homelessness, finding life purpose, physical handicaps, and mental health.
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Our Team

Christopher Harvey

SVL Veterans Club - Commander (2019 - Present)

Served in the U.S. Army from 1989 to 2003 while stationed in Germany during this time. Christopher was also deployed as part of the IFOR (Implementation Forces) in Bosnia during 1996. Serving and providing for our veterans has always been a part of his life that continues through this day.

Brian Barber Sr.

SVL Veterans Club - Vice Commander

As a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, Brian has lived in Spring Valley Lake for over a year. Brian is also the President and Founder of Mission FISH, a Non-Profit Organization that provides Veterans, Active Duty, First Responders and Gold Star families natural therapy solutions by fishing and interactive sharing & healing.

Nick Simera

SVL Veterans Club - Secretary

Served in the Army from 1972-1975. As a disabled veteran, Nick is very excited to be a part of an organization such as SVL Veterans Club; an organization that's committed to bringing veterans and our community together. He and his wife Jamie have 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Robert Read

SVL Veterans Club - Founder (2015)

'Eyes and Ears' Support Command
101st Airborne Division 1962-1965
"When asked, I have always said, “I was just a grunt”! That is all. I was borne in South Central, Los Angeles, prewar baby, 1940. What do you do as the oldest male of your generation when hearing every generation had served since 1776 on one side, and since coming to America in late 1800’s, on the other side? Will I read a book called ‘Devil in Baggy Pants’, so it was Airborne, ‘All the Way’! I serve in the fame 101st Airborne Division, 1962-1965, Support Command. When I returned home, no one asked, no one talked, no one cared, no one liked me. I grew long hair, beard, lived in the dark. Never sought counseling. In 1998, saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’; movie ended, lights went on, theater emptied, 14 other individuals were still sitting, eventually, with tears, we came together, I found a family, brothers! I found counseling. On that day, I once again signed a contract, one to myself, to serve the best I could. Between ’62-’65 is private, since then is public. I Love and Honor my Sisters and Brothers! We are the One Percenters! The Proud-n-Proven. Forever Bonded!"