Spring Valley Lake Veterans Club

Partnership - Paws 4 Success

A Veteran's Furry Best Friend

We at SVL Veterans Club entered into a partnership with Paws 4 Success, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals affected with disabilities through service dog procurement and training.


SVLVC Monthly Dinner


with special guests from


Join us for a SPECIAL DINNER at the SVL Community Building where a fellow Veteran and his Furry Companion Guest will share how other Veterans, First Responders, Medical Staff, and Children with Special Needs can learn about how Paws4Success can help train your own furry companion to be a Certified Therapy or Service Animal for PTSD, anxiety, and more!

Your Furry Friend on 4 Legs

Besides providing unconditional love, studies have shown that dogs provide benefits that surpass their cute fluffy exterior and warm kisses by making us feel less lonely, reducing our stress, encouraging exercise, improving our social interactions, increasing cognitive function and diminishing agitation.

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